A Trip to the Farm

On Thursday, October 17, we went to Circle S Farm. We had a lot of fun! Last year only K-2 went to the farm, but this year everyone went. Some people went on the bus, some in cars. It was cold, but everyone dressed warm and it got warmer throughout the day. This was my (the journalist's) first time at that farm. I liked the donuts a lot. I think it's good to go somewhere once in a while because it would be boring if we just stayed at school. Here's what each grade had to say about their trip:

I got two corns at the farm and a pumpkin. I went on the hayride. I talked to my friends while I was there. I went to a big maze. I liked the donuts and juice. They were really good! I had fun at the Circle S Farm.

- Haylee, 1st Grade

I played in the small maze. I enjoyed the donuts and juice. I played in the hay and had fun on the slide. I liked the hayride. I got to sit with my friend. I got to get a pumpkin. 

-Eva, 2nd Grade

We first did the mini-maze. We also went to the barn. We went on the hayride. My friends and I talked about how big our pumpkins were going to be. Then we got our pumpkins. Mine's was super big! Then we went back to get lunch. Then we went to the barn again. After that, we left. I liked the farm a lot.

- John, 3rd grade

I ate two donuts and apple juice. Then we went on the hayride. It was bumpy and smelly. They dropped us off and we picked pumpkins. The pumpkin was orange and small. That was it. It was alright. 

- Brennen, 5th Grade

I had so much fun in the hayride. I changed groups two times to find the right group for me. I threw fake corn all over the place. I went into the small maze to get the smaller kids. The donuts were super delicious, they had a lot of flavor. [Dylan: They tasted like cake!] Yeah. We got to see hairy goats, and they were weird. I had fun!

- Samuel, 6th Grade

I went to a lot of hay mazes. We went on the hayride. We went in the haybarn. I love the donuts and juice! We saw chickens, bunnies and goats. I liked the goats the most. My feet hurt after walking. We skipped lunch. We collected corn. We hung out with our friends while we were there. I liked the farm, 7/10.

- Araveliz, 7th Grade

I went to a hayride. I ate donuts and apple cider. I went to corn mazes. We went to the haybarn. The people in my group were very funny. I mostly stayed with my mom and sister and I had a lot of fun with my little sister. I give it 8 out of ten.

- Jessica 8th Grade

When we got back, we wrote about what we liked and drew pictures. We liked it a lot and hope to go again next year.

Written by Natalie, 5th Grade Journalist

Photos by Anelise & Samuel, 5th/6th Grade Photographers

(with special guest photographers Miss P. and Mrs. Rodriguez)

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