EJA's Reopening Plan

A Message from the Principal

I pray that everyone is well and enjoying their summer. I want to update you on EJA’s plan for opening school this year. Our plan consists of three levels that outline the measures we will take to keep our school community safe.

Opening School will start on August 17th and we plan to begin with in-school teaching (Level 1). Levels will change as conditions warrant.

Temperature & Health Check We will be checking temperatures at the door upon entry. If a child has a temperature above a recommended temperature (right now that level is 100 degrees Fahrenheit), they will not be allowed entry into the school. Parents will not be allowed to leave their students until after their temperature has been checked. Also, if their temperature reaches that level during the day, they will be required to leave school.

Face Covering & Social Distancing Everyone in the school building will wear face coverings. We will also practice social distancing and endeavor to keep our students and staff 6ft apart as often as possible. We will have split lunch periods to enable appropriate social distancing at lunches when face coverings will have to be removed. We will also pre-package our hot lunches to avoid contamination.

Cleaning & Hand-washing We will practice handwashing and will disinfect surfaces during the day with a more in-depth cleaning between days. We will also have hand sanitizer available for all students throughout the building during the day. We will stress social distancing and cleanliness throughout the day.

Limited Visitation In order to prevent contamination, we are limiting the number of people who come into the school. Parents and visitors will not be allowed past the office without a prior appointment, temperature check, and face covering. Conferences and meetings will be conducted virtually as much as possible.

Exposure Teachers and students will conduct a symptoms check and give background to their home situations each day. Parents are required to disclose any potential exposure to the school. Students who have been in direct contact with family members or friends who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 will be required to quarantine at home for two weeks before returning to school. Distance learning instruction will be available for students who are quarantined.

If a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19, the school will close for two full weeks (14 days including weekends) and transition to distance learning. This will also take place if the government mandates a 14-day or less closure due to an area hot spot.

A long term closure is a closure that surpasses two weeks (14 days). The school will close long-term and transition to distance learning when mandated by the state.

Again, everything is very fluid at this point. We will, of course, follow any state mandates. I will update you if things change and our opening date approaches.

Please remember to complete your registration process (for those of you who have not) and remember that our classrooms are limited to 24 students each (12 in kindergarten) and three of the classrooms are nearing their limit. We will not hold your child’s place unless you have completed your registration paperwork and paid the registration fee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

Thank You,

Warren Johnson

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