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10 Tips for Distance Learning Success


Check your student's class website and ClassDojo often for updated information and communication from your teacher! 


Keep a general schedule. Try to do things at around the same time. Without routines, students feel adrift and are less likely to buckle down. 


Stay flexible! Things will not always go to plan, and that's okay. Don't panic if not everything gets done in a day. We are all learning together, and your teachers know to be flexible too.


Plan for plenty of breaks! Your student is likely to be even more restless than usual, and frequent breaks can help boost concentration and morale.


Read some good books together! No library needed. With websites like Epic!, Stories from Space, RAZ-Kids, and more, you have thousands of books at your fingertips!


Go outside often! Fresh air can improve your student's health, brain development, and focus. (Just remember to keep a safe distance from others!)


Practice important skills like washing hands, covering mouths when coughing or sneezing. We'll thank you when we're back at school and your kid is the cleanest in the classroom!


Use the extra resources we list on your student's classroom website to find fun activities you can do together! We

provided links to crafts, virtual field trips, science experiments, cooking projects, and more.


Take this time to do something kind for someone! One good idea is to make cards for your local nursing home to brighten the day of people who can't have visitors. 


Have a special prayer each night to invite God into your home, and encourage your child to turn to Him with their worries and hopes.

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